Bayou Billy Mobile Storefronts

King Cake Stand


Bayou Billy 4-Barrel Specialty Shop Store


Sweet Dixie Tea Store


Snow Cream Kaye's Coach


Our newest flagship Mobile Store. Details...

Snow Cream 12' Store


10 Barrel Soda Pop Store


Maximum Curb Appeal! Folks just can't pass this by. Details...

Snow Cream Store & 10 Barrel Soda Pop Combo


$2,500 Discount if you purchase these two units together.

12' Soda Pop Store

9 Barrel / 9 Flavors
setup / tear-down time: 10 minutes


This is a trailer unit designed to sell our collectable Tin Mugs. You make your own Soda Pop. We provide the customers with our unique setups. Details...

10' Soda Pop Store


Easy Setup 10' long Bayou Billy Soda Pop Store. 
Steel and Florida Cypress hard wood construction. Details...

10' Soda Pop & Buttered Popcorn Store


10' x 4'

66" high with sign folded down. 9'6" high with the sign up.

The Cart Model is the same as the Trailer Unit except that you need a cargo trailer to haul it. The advantage of this 10' long Cart it that it is easy to set up. It is complete and self-contained, and compared to the Trailer it's easy to haul. Details...

18 Barrel 1947 Truck w/ Trailer


A real merchandiser. State Fair Quality.

Ready to sell Soda Pop in our famous Tin Mugs. 
Our Best Item. Details...

25' Mobile Restraunt


A Real Merchandiser. State Fair Quality.

Famous Bayou billy Soda Pop in our famous Tin Mugs

and Louisianna Cooking. Details...

Lemon Crush Stand


State Fair Quality.

Bayou billy Lemonade Slushie

in our "Twisted" Tin Mugs. Details...


Pioneer Pop Wagon


The barrels are made of solid oak. The wheels are hand made of hickory and have steel ball bearings which make them roll easily. The axels are hand made of steel. This wagon is completely hand made with steel framing, made to last for many years. Details...

12' 10-Barrel Store


16' Rootbeer Stand